(Men! If you love business-building gifts, feel free to join us also!)
DECEMBER 1 - 12, 2021

What better way to start the holiday season than with GIFTS... for YOURSELF STARTING DEC. 1!

Being in business can be challenging right now, to say the least;
and if you are a FEMALE in business, then you are undoubtedly feeling the pressure from high expectations (yourself and everyone else's ;) moving through the season and into 2022.

How about we make it all about YOU this season?
By signing up for 12 days of FREE business-building gifts, you will receive ONE email per day.

Each email delivers a special message and 'how-to' from a business-building expert, to help you move into the new year with renewed confidence, skills, and energy - yay!

Your gifts may include topics relating to:

• Marketing Secrets
• LinkedIn Revelations
• Digital Signature Tricks
• Sales Formulas
• Time Saving Techniques
• Confidence Hacks
• Design Secrets
.. and SO much more!

With every person that signs up and lists YOU as the referral, you get 10 points each towards prize draws. Yes, EVEN MORE FOR YOU!
Want to know what you could win in addition to the nuggets you will be receiving in your inbox every day? Starbucks cards, gourmet treats, personalized pens, and other cool things (to put in your OWN stocking ;)shhhh.

So let's have some FUN with this as you LEARN, WIN, and become inspired to start a whole new fresh, and exciting year with GIFTS for YOU starting December 1.

Nice to meet you!
Just so you know who I am that will be popping into your email box, I am a passionate entrepreneur who has built 5 businesses over my 27 years in business. I have been honored as an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast guest, speaker, visual brand expert, and leader in personal development and peak performance strategies. 

My passion is serving female-led business owners (and a few good men) in helping them to create the life they desire within a clearly focused, joyful, and thriving business. 

If you'd like to see more of what I do,pop on over here, and let's have a conversation!




Michelle Andrishak

WOW! Women in Business

As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Certified Business Coach and Entrepreneurial Trainer, Michelle offers business consulting, coaching and business skill training for women business owners like YOU, who are building a business and a life that brings them joy and profit.

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Danielle Klooster

On Point with Danielle

Danielle is a seasoned International business success coach, trainer and strategist. She’s also an author, public speaker and management consultant. Danielle’s no-nonsense approach helps entrepreneurs, businesses and nonprofits develop a winning edge through impactful strategy, critical and creative thinking, and meaningful action.

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Terri Watkins


As 'Chief Idea Catcher', Terri loves developing new fun ways to engage your team internally, generate more revenue,  create more efficient processes and becoming adaptable to the ever-changing environment.

Let's talk marketing!

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Erika V

Queen of Non-Pushy Sales and Surveys that Sell

As the 'Queen of Non-pushy Sales' & 'Surveys to Sell', Erika teaches simple,  proven systems to attract pre-qualified leads increase sales & gain clients for life.

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Rina Lang

Brain Power and Intuitive Intelligence Coach

Rina's mission is to help others see the true Intellectual and Intuitive potential that exists within them and to make the shifts necessary in order to achieve Next LEVEL goals.

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Brenda Kolasa

Creative Thinking Solutions for Business

Brenda is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and leaders create a business that FILLS THEM UP with purpose, clarity, and joyl As they work towards their money-making and client-attracting goals with more ease and less time, they also benefit from increased energy, joy, and fulfillment.

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